Lagurus Grass Seeds “Bunny Tails”

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If you’re looking for an ornamental edging plant for your annual flower beds, take a look at bunny tail grass (Lagurus ovatus). Bunny grass is an ornamental annual grass. It has spiky inflorescences reminiscent of the furry cotton tails of rabbits. This Mediterranean native is also called hare’s tail grass or rabbit’s tail grass. 

Growing ornamental bunny tail grass from seed is easy and adds a little whimsy to containers, borders and annual gardens. Bunny Tails also dry easily and look great in floral arrangements. 

Bunny grass is a small clumping grass with soft ivory to white oval flowers. 

They have a soft touchable texture that is irresistible to both little and big hands. The blades are a soft green color and 1 to 2 feet long. 

Unlike many ornamental grasses, hare’s tail grass has thin bendable foliage. 

Bunny tail grass is a novice gardener’s dream because it’s so forgiving, and bunny grass plant info wouldn’t be complete without noting its drought tolerance. It will thrive in the sandy soil that so many southern gardeners have to contend with, as well as any other well-drained type of soil. It loves lots of summer sun and deals with drought well, so it won’t wilt if you forget to water it every day.

Bunny tail grass flowers can last up to 12 months as part of a dried flower arrangement. Cut the stems near the base when loose pollen begins to form on top of the flowers. Gather a handful into a bunch at the base and tie a length of garden twine or cotton string around the base of these stems. Hang the bunches in a cool, dark and dry place for two to three weeks, or until the stems snap when bent. Your bunny tails will last for years in bouquets and arrangements.

This purchase will include a minimum of 25 seeds and growing information.

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