Bronze Beauty Mix Calendula Seed

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Grown with sustainable and organic practices. Hand harvested in small batches here at Petal&Twig. Recyclable packaging. No plastic baggies.

Spectacular mix of colors with bicolor petals.


The undersides of the petals are a muted burgundy giving the 1 1/2 - 3" flowers a unique, flashy appearance.
An excellent mix of colors; high percentage of double and semidouble flowers on long, strong stems.
Also known as pot marigold, common marigold, and Scotch marigold.

•Edible Flowers: Petals of the flowers can be used fresh or dried in "flower confetti," soups, soufflés, rice dishes, baked goods, and to garnish desserts.
Calendula is a popular choice for brightening up salad mix. Flavor is tangy and slightly bitter. Remove the petals from the flower base before consuming as the base can be quite bitter.

Calendula has many medicinal purposes and can be used dried or fresh in tinctures, soaps, hydrosols and endless other body products.

Organically grown.

Height 18-24"

Packet: 25 plus seeds

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