JoAnne Lewis

My love for plants and flowers was cultivated at a young age. The fondest memories are of sipping sweet lilac nectar with my Grandma and planting yearly marigolds with my Mumma. As a child I loved being outdoors. You could always find me exploring in the wooded areas around my home, collecting wildflowers and lichen.

My love for floral design started in a high school horticulture class and quickly became a passion of mine.  I immersed myself into the floral world by working at many flower shops, big and small. Working my way up from the bottom, I have held every position imaginable at a flower shop. Through many years of blood, sweat, and tears, I eagerly absorbed a plethora of valuable knowledge that has shaped the floral designer I am today.

However, the past couple of years I felt I needed a change. As much as I loved what I was doing, something was feeling stagnant. Now, through a blossoming new business idea, I can feel even more connected with flowers and customers by growing the flowers myself.  So, after getting a Master Gardener certification through Michigan State University I am ready for the next stage; Petal & Twig is open for business!

I take pride in my vision for a natural and fiercely eclectic style of arrangements. I am constantly experimenting with new textures, balance, and hues. Each new season brings fresh adventures deeper into the world of floral artistry. Please join me on this artistic journey.